Purchasing a Company

Your aims determine the direction of our activities!

The strategic aims and decision criteria of our clients determine the systematically structured acquisition process which successfully terminates within a limited time frame.

Acquisition Goals:

  • Strengthen the existing market position
  • Strengthen the core competences
  • Regional expansion
  • Vertical expansion: additional competences upwards or downwards the value chain
  • Horizontal expansion: extension of professional competences and know how
  • Capital investment in a company


  • Companies, groups of companies
  • Family Offices
  • Financial investors
  • Private investors, possibly via management buy in

Operational Principles of Purchasing a Company

Our Methods

Divided into five main steps our operational method secures the very discrete approach to possible buyer circles as well as a professional management of all steps till the closing of the transaction.

  1. Preparation: A strategic discussion with the client is the starting point of the process. His aims and decision criteria determine the feasibility analysis and the definition of the general set-up.
  2. Analysis: Together with our client we define the business concept and the strategic options and the SWOT analysis as well as argumentation guide lines and fix the results in a buyer’s profile. In the same way we define the search profile which determines the search for suitable target contacts.
  3. Approach: We approach the target companies and, based on the buyer’s profile, we show them the strategic aims of the buyer and the possible impact on the target company. In a first meeting client and target check the willingness to negotiate.
  4. Negotiation: In a letter of intent both parties fix the resultss of the negotiations, e.g. the agreement upon the commercial conditions of the transaction structure. The results of the following due diligence carried out by the investor are discussed in further negotiations and determine the wording of the contract.
  5. Closing: The notarisation as well as the payment of the purchase price and the handing over of the company completes the transaction.