Corporate Succession

The Typical Situation

Personal reasons or the age of the entrepreneur of a mid-cap company are reasons to regulate the company succession in due time.

  • The Internal Regulation of Company Succession:

There are suitable successors among the relatives of the entrepreneur: the daughter or the son or another person close to the entrepreneur are qualified and motivated to follow in his footsteps. Complex succession concepts for mid-cap companies require interdisciplinary support, whether in the tax, legal or psychological fields. We cooperate with well experienced specialists in these fields which we can warmly commend to you.

  • The External Regulation of Company Succession by Selling the Company:

There is no suitable successor among the relatives of the entrepreneur and his family or the qualified and suitable possible successors such as the daughter or the son or another person close to the family simply have different interests and concepts of live …

Selling the Company secures the continuance of the company and the business and maintains valuable substance and working places. In the same time the selling is a substantial contribution to secure the retirement.